Since 1976, SERVOVALVE has designed and produced heavy duty pneumatic and hydraulic actuators for the most critical and complex industrial applications, becoming through the years a well-known, reliable and innovative independent supplier for the main worldwide valve manufacturers and Engineering Company. Servovalve fluid power actuators have been provided for various critical services for conventional, geothermal and nuclear power plants, offshore platforms and onshore oil & gas fields, refineries and desalination plants, LNG plants and FPSO applications all over the world. Working closely with End Users and valve manufacturers, has brought Servovalve to be considered as a customer’s partner more than just a sub-supplier. Servovalve policy of customer satisfaction for the most critical and out of standard requirements has arisen as a consequences one of the most wide product range.


  • Designed to operate ball, butterfly, plug or any other valve with 90° rotation, for on-off or modulating service
  • Categories:
    1. Pneumatic Quarter Turn Rack-Pinion
    2. Pneumatic Double Acting Scotch Yoke
    3. Pneumatic Single Acting Scotch Yoke
  • Rack & Pinion actuators are mainly adopted for small size valves or very critical and accurate modulating service
  • Scotch yoke are preferred for medium and big size valves, due to their capacity of exalting output torques at 0° and 90° valve position


  • Due to rapid increase in demand for compact actuators, UCR series which is available in both hydraulic and pneumatic supply execution is designed
  • Designed to provide same performances of scotch yoke actuators with completely different result in overall dimensions resulting from the innovative design
  • Extremely flexible actuator design allows adapting construction space availability on site, optimizing dimensions and weight according to End User request


  • Fast acting actuators are available in execution for on/off or modulating service in linear or quarter turn execution
  • To maximize the already high reliability, due to their function of protection for the turbine or strategic and critical equipment, special executions have been developed using Belleville spring cartridges
  • Executions with rack and pinion mechanism for big size quarter turn valves have been provided for extremely accurate modulating service or in case of important dynamic torques requirement
  • Fast acting emergency shutdown actuators are installed worldwide in a wide number of power plants of all the most important international turbine manufacturers


  • Critical valves are often installed in hazardous and dangerous area of refinery, offshore and onshore plants, gas treatment units, where the event of explosion or fire is always possible
  • To keep the control of the valve and relevant process even in case of fire, Servovalve actuators can be provided with a suitable fireproof protection that will guarantee normal working conditions for several minutes protecting all mechanical parts and control circuit equipment
  • Protection is provided for temperatures up to 1300°C and for periods up to 120 minutes